About Us

Our mission here at 11 Roses Boutique is to provide minimal and versatile clothing to inspire individuals to express their personality through their preferred style.

We value quality clothing, that makes anyone feel confident. We believe you can feel confident in our simple clothing, and create a bold unique style of your own. We stand for equality, positivity and love.


11 Roses Core Values:

Building relationships: Here at 11 Roses we value good relationships with our customers. We enjoy getting to know who our customers are and what their values are. 

Trustworthy: It is important for us to always be honest with ourselves as well as others. We will never lie about the quality of a product, we will honor something that we have said.

Gratitude: We believe it is important to always show gratitude to each other. We are appreciative of everyone that we cross paths with, whether it is a customer, or someone we meet on social media.